Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Leaving You Alone [Mikoto X Reader]

She cried aloud, her agonizing screams rang through the Homra bar.

"I'm sorry."

She knew it was over the day her mark disappeared from her slim hip but she hadn't accepted it till she returned home.

The bar owner had handed her his blood stained jacket.

"No... It can't be... Mikoto promised."

"I'm sorry [your name]."

The tears had continued flowing in a never ending stream along with the agony that filled her soul.

He left.

Leaving her broken.

"I'll marry you when you come back with a medal."

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

XX [Yamamoto X Reader X Gokudera]

A/N: There will be some angst in this fic. A one-sided love too. The song is That XX by G-Dragon. I’ve been writing quite a few angst fics these days… because that’s all I feel right now due to examinations. This is also a [Reader Insert] like my last fic (It's on another blog). I suck at writing reader inserts so I decided to challenge myself haha. Comments and critiques are all welcomed!!

Walking on the street, I bumped into your man (Yeah I saw him)
I didn’t want to believe it, but my hunch turned out right (I told you)
He’s not wearing that ring you gave him, there’s another girl by his side
But I’ve said enough (I don’t wanna hurt you)

You sat at the small café, a sweet smile decorating your face as you held the mug of warm coffee in your slim digits. Dressed in an elegant white sundress, you waited for your best friend.

The said man had made his way towards the designated meeting spot with a frown on his face. He had just passed his silver haired friend who had a familiar woman by his side. She was dressed rather glamorously, a branded bag had hung on her arm, she was beautiful but compared to you, she was nothing.

At least that was what Yamamoto thought.

He’d also noticed one of the rings missing from the Storm Guardian’s left hand. The one that you had given to him when both of you were younger.


The curse left his lips as he made a turn at the corner, spotting you sitting by the window of the café.  He quickly replaced his frown with a grin.

Now you’re getting angry with me (Why?)
You say “He’s definitely not that kind of person” (Sure you’re right)
Seeing your eyes, I reply that I probably got it wrong
See, I lied for you (I’m sorry)

“You’re probably mistaken,” you huffed at the tanned man, the small scowl on your glossed lips made him frown.

“He’s not like that.”

“Yeah you’re right. I must have been just seeing things.”

He laughed it off and sipped his hot coffee.


Like his heart.

I hate that you don’t understand me
I hate all this waiting
Let go of his hand (break it off with him)
When you’re sad, I feel like I’m dying

Yamamoto sighed, he was at his desk finishing paperwork. Gokudera had already left the office earlier, rushing off to an appointment. He bet it was with that woman. You had recently told him that your lover had been coming home late due to work but he knew that wasn’t the case.

“Why don’t you just break up with him?”

The words had threatened to leave his lips.

But he couldn’t stand to see you miserable, it would kill him inside.

He loved you enough to continue lying.

That XX, what does he have that I don’t
Why can’t I have you
That XX doesn’t love you
How much longer are you going to cry yourself silly?

He sat and listened to you crying over the phone. You had called again, having another small fight with the Italian. The unpleasant feeling curling in his chest as he clenched the phone close to his ear, he laid on his bed, talking to you throughout your lonely night.

What did he lack?

Why won’t you just look at him?

Why were you with that ass who didn’t even give a fuck about you?

When you speak of him, you look so happy (you look happy)
It’s good that you can be this happy (I’m happy)
You say you really love him, want to be with him forever
You trust him completely (I don’t know what to say no more)
Your friends all know that guy (yup they know)
It’s so obvious, why can’t you see (it’s you)
They say love is blind, Oh baby, you’re so blind
Please, I beg you, break it off

“He gave me this beautiful necklace for our anniversary,” you sighed happily, Bianchi and Kyoko sitting across you. Haru had been busy today and was unable to attend; you had honestly believed the dark haired woman. Bianchi on the other hand, knew exactly what was happening.

To think her younger brother would even do such a thing.

“They say love is blind,” Yamamoto said as he walked up to the girls, a tray of iced beverages in his hands.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” you asked defensively as the handsome man set the drinks down and took his seat beside you.

The male kept silent and sipped his coffee, hiding the grim smile behind the pure white mug. Bianchi sighed while Kyoko looked at you with a slightly sad smile.

It’s so obvious [Name]… why won’t you just see?

Oh I hate that you don’t understand me
I hate all this waiting
Let go of his hand (break it off with him)
When you’re sad, I feel like I’m dying

“Why don’t you just break it off with her?”

“None of your business baseball freak.”

The smoker glared at him.

They waited, the tension slowly rising in the white halls of the hospital.

Why did you have to get hurt for that bastard?

“I hate waiting.”

That XX, what does he have that I don’t
Why can’t I have you
That XX doesn’t love you
How much longer are you going to cry yourself silly?

“It’s okay, it’s probably just work.”

He whispered soothingly in to your ear, holding you close to his toned chest. His hands running through your long locks gently as you held on to the lapels of his jacket.

You saw how she had held on to him, laughing and joking, her hand over his chest, his cocky smirk.

It didn’t take you long to figure it out.

Tears of anger and betrayal.

They stained his blue shirt but he didn’t mind.

He just wished that he wasn’t holding you in this situation.

Why won’t you just look at me?”

Expensive cars, beautiful clothes, high-class restaurants, they all suit you well
But that XX beside you, he doesn’t suit you, he really doesn’t
He smiles like a hypocrite with you, brushing your face and hair
But he’s thinking of another woman for sure, how dare he
The amount of tears you’ve cried, I want to make you happy by the same amount, baby
Rather than going through the pain alone, share some with me, baby
Please look at me, why can’t you realise that I am your love
Why are you the only one who doesn’t know

You stood in the corner of the elegant restaurant, dressed in a beautiful Chinese high collared dress. The black silk contrasted with the red embroidery of the dragon that coiled up your dress, the slit dangerously high like the heels that adorned your feet. You hair was tied up into a sophisticated and simple bun with a pair of chopsticks. Lips painted in a dark and beguiling rouge with eyes lined with the darkest of blacks.

An ‘exotic’ beauty the men had called you.

Many had praised Gokudera and some congragulated him, not knowing that the woman he was with barely even talked to him. You had shown up to save his reputation, walking beside him and pretending that you were a happy and well.

The tired look in your eyes didn’t suit you at all but he noted that the asshole that stood by your side earlier on didn’t suit you either. Yamamoto sighed as he took his leave from the ladies that crowded him and made his way towards you.

“You look beautiful tonight.”

His compliment made you smile.

“Thank you, you’re not so bad yourself, handsome.”

“Let’s ditch this party,” he suggested with a playful grin on his handsome face, warm eyes twinkling with mischief “I don’t think Hayato will be pleased,” you said with a smile, holding his calloused hands.

“Do I look like I care?”

That XX, what does he have that I don’t
Why can’t I have you
That XX doesn’t love you
How much longer are you going to cry yourself silly?

“Just… stop Hayato… I can’t take it anymore.”

The tears running down your cheeks had silenced him.

That XX, what does he have that I don’t
Why can’t I have you
That XX doesn’t love you
How much longer are you going to cry yourself silly?

“Let me go.”

Friday, May 25, 2012

Braces [[Belphegor X Fran]] (+17)

A/N: For Vannesza :D -cough- pleasedon'tkillmeforcockblocking
This is my first time writing about braces... or rather about braces fetish. I've never thought about it before but I suppose anything can turn people on XD
Since I don't know much about braces, I can't go into full detail >_< but I did my best with research.

“Sempai if you’re not going to be helpful, please go away.”

Fran stared apathetically at the blonde haired prince as he held the balloon in his hand.

Bel had made it a mission to make the younger man’s life hell since he’s going through it himself. Braces, he thought, were an irritating thing and because of them he found himself in pain. The pain has dulled since the first two weeks but it still stung when he ate anything too hard.

His hard work was being ruined as he watched Bel pop another balloon with the steak knife he was polishing. The green haired teenager was slowly getting annoyed though it didn’t show on his face, he had to blow air into those balloons and that took time.

The balloon pump had been jeopardized and the helium tank was empty due to a certain blond.

“Would you stop popping the balloons sempai? The café will be opening in an hour and I have to get the cake ready as well as blow these balloons, you’re not making it easier,” Fran’s monotone voice made Bel grin, showing his shiny metallic braces.

He knew it was getting on his nerves and he loved it!


Ignoring him, Fran began filling another balloon, only to have it burst in his face.

“Don’t ignore the Prince,” Bel grinned as he pointed the knife at the young man’s face.


“Because I am a Prince.”

“Indeed.” Fran mocked as he opened another packet of balloons.

He twitched, irked by the stoic boy.

Grabbing the green haired teen by the arm, he jerked the boy towards him a rough tug.

“Sempai… would you please-,” before he could finish his sentence, a pair of hungry lips were placed upon his own.

The blonde smirked into the kiss, his tongue gently gliding over his kouhai’s bottom lip before allowing his teeth to sink into the soft, sensitive piece of flesh. Receiving a moan in return for the loving gesture, his lips eagerly parted to allow the blonde to explore further.

He could never decide if he liked the pain that Bel inflicted upon him at times when they made love. But he had definitely decided that Bel having braces was the best thing that ever happened to him. He couldn’t help but to feel himself harden at the smooth steel brushing against the wet, pink muscle in his mouth. He could definitely get used to this.

“How long will you be having these braces on for sempai?” he couldn’t help but to ask, his voice husky and lust filled as his sempai continued his ministrations after they had separated for the sake of breathing.

“Ushishishi, is it turning you on?”

Bel grinned, showing the metal as he rubbed the bulge between the boy’s legs.

“We’ve only got less than an hour sempai,” Fran groaned at the friction against his pants as he leaned against the table, hands gripping onto the fragile lace that covered it's top.

“Then let’s make the most of it~ ushishishi~”

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Requiem [[Amaimon X Reader]] (PG 13)

You stared. You knew it was rude but you couldn’t help but to stare at the cute hobgoblin, it was round and reminded you of a bouncy ball you had when you were a kid. You bent down slowly, making sure to no make any sudden movements as you did so.

A smile graced your lips as the demon made its way towards you, sniffing curiously.

“Hi there,” your whispered softly as you stretched out your hand slowly.

Maybe it was fate that brought him to you that day or maybe it was the devil’s work.

That would be ironic since Amaimon was the son of the Devil himself.

“Ah! Behemoth!!”

Dressed in a rather strange fashion, the boy came running towards the hobgoblin.

You didn’t think that you would ever fall in love with a demon. Not when your father was an exorcist. But one’s feelings cannot be controlled.

“Is he your familiar?” you asked with a rather curious grin as you spotted a leash in his hand.

“Yes, hmmm he escaped while I was having my daily dose of sweets, he seems rather attracted to you.” Amaimon watched as Behemoth rubbed affectionately against your calf.

“I’m not wearing any perfume though.”

He loved to tease you but you didn’t mind. You knew that it was one of his ways of showing affection.

“I’m [f/n][l/n],” you held your hand out with a grin etched to your face.

His slender fingers wrapped around your palm in a firm yet gentle grip, sending tingles up your spine upon the contact.


His expression of love was intense.

Words wouldn’t be able to describe it.

You could drown in his being, when his lips were upon your own.

“I have to get to Church, I would invite you but it wouldn’t be somewhere you’d feel at home.”

He chuckled at your joke.

“Will I see you around?” you asked with a hope filled eyes.


He loved to hear you sing.

The first time had been when you were at mass, singing a requiem for the dead.

The last… was at your deathbed.

“I love you.”

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bust Your Windows [[Gokudera X OC]] (PG13)

He stared at the photos that littered the floor. The glossy surfaces mocked him, the pictures with him with different women, having dinner, flirting and fucking. He followed the trail, the anxiousness didn’t fade, and he bit his lip as he walked into the garage. He ran his calloused hand through silver locks, the other tucked into the pocket of his pants.

His heavy footsteps echoed as he walked on into the dark garage, metal bands of his rings hitting against the plastic switch as he turned on the lights to a surprise.

The once beautiful F12berlinetta now vandalized.

Paint job scratched and scraped off.

The body was beyond repair, bullet holes and dents aplenty.

The windows were smashed in, though bullet proof, it wasn’t indestructible.
It had been smashed from the inside.

The interior of the car had also taken a new look, leather seats filled with bullet holes and multiple stabs and tears, the soft filling inside of the seats spilled out in a large mess.

Not one part of the luxurious car was left untouched. Even the headlights were smashed in.

But the thing that caught his attention the most was the shining silver ring that lay on the ground along with shards of gleaming glass and bullet casings, the single diamond ring laid there glittering and unscarred even though it looked like it had been thrown with much force from the dent on the band.

He fell on his knees; the pain didn’t register into his numb heart.

Even when he had told her the truth about the Mafia and how he worked, she accepted him. His blood stained hands she held and kissed, forgiving him in so many ways no matter what.

But now, she was gone.

The person he loved.

The one thing he cared for.

“Thanks for getting me, Reborn,” she smiled sadly as she wiped away the tears that threatened to fall.

“It’s not a problem, bella.”

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Need Help Remembering [[Lavi X Allen]] (R18+)

A/N: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SERENAAAAAA!!!!!!! I'm sorry that it's so short and it came (no pun intended) late. TAT you can blame Maths for screwing with my mind. Anyway enjoy. It's not as hardcore as I wanted it to be but it's something :D (I'm sorry for typos and my retardation -bows-) This is pretty much... still a draft haha OTL but I will clean up and edit it when my brains stop being retarded. TuT

The droplet of water trickled down his toned chest, slowly sliding down in a teasing manner.

His grey eyes traced the lean form of the older redhead boy who stood in his room, half naked, wet, with only a towel to cover his bottom half.

Lest to say... he couldn't remember anything from last night.

That was bad.

"You're finally awake, I was beginning to think that you would sleep through the day after last night," Lavi grinned cheekily, his hand on his waist as he looked at Allen's confused form.

Allen look at his own naked form under the sheets. He was naked, his body ached... he could already guess what had happened... but he needed to be sure.

"What happened?" the white haired excorcist asked.

"You don't remember?" Lavi's sudden happy demenor changed, his eyes filled with hurt as he gripped the towel covering his lower half tighter. "Did we do it?" he stared at his friends pale collar bone, tainted with patches of red. "It's okay if you want to forget about it," he gave the younger boy a pained smile. After all it was a drunk moment. It was probably an accident and Allen probably never thought of him that way anyway.

"I want to remember, if it was truly with you, I want to remember."

He stared into his grey orbs, his own emerald ones glazed over with shock before finally processing what the younger boy had just said. Allen himself blushed beet root red at what had spilled out. It was ones of those stupid moments when he just blurted out what was on his mind, maybe be was still drunk from last night.

"Could you repeat that?" Lavi asked the blushing boy with a smirk "I mean erm ah... could you please help me remember," Allen blushed  as Lavi walked over "No, repeat what you said before," he cornored the white haired mouse, hands ghosting over the boy's chest. "I don't really ah! Laviiii- ," Allen protested as the warm hands gripped his semi hard member began rubbing expertly.

"Hnngh ahn p-p-pleasee"

He loved it. His sweet voice moaning for him.

"Lavii ngh." Allen whined ask Lavi began to stroke him faster.

Then it stopped.

"It's no fun if you come quickly right?," Lavi whispered into his ear, his voice husky, rough and filled with lust.

Allen shivered when he felt the warm breath graze the nape of his neck. He was so sensitive, sensitive to the point where pain became pleasure. The teeth sinking into his neck felt sinfully good, his hands roamed the smooth body of his lover before running them through the wet red locks, encouraging the emerald eyed boy to bite harder.

Lavi chuckled as he removed himself from the boys neck, now filled with love bites. Lovingly he cupped Allen's cheeks before whispering  words that shocked the white haired teenager into tears. He smiled as he kissed his tears away before allowing himself to slide down, rubbing skin against skin.

If it was possible, Allen felt himself get harder when Lavi had breathed against his penis, his thumb rubbing the head in agonizingly gentle motions. The boy was a tease. "You know Allen, for a gentleman, you're incredibly lewd down here, all hard and wet," Lavi chuckled as he continued his ministrations on him "S-shut up ah...," Allen moaned as he felt the soft wet muscle licking him, from the base of his penis to the tip before taking it into a warm wet craven.

The slick sounds filled the room, the moans over lapping them. Allen gripped the white sheets of his bed in ecstasy. Lavi's name spilled out of his lips like a prayer to God.

"Ahnnnn Lavi ngh ah pleaseee."

He could feel his climax building up, the sweet release form the torture that was placed on him. "Coming hngh-L-Lavi I'm going to- ah," his voice raised a few pitches as Lavi pulled away and continued stroking him faster and harder than before. The thick white liquid spilled from his erection in long spurts.

"You're really dirty aren't cha?" the redhead rubbed himself, using the semen that had covered his hands a few minutes ago as lubrication though he was already just as wet from watching Allen's reaction to just his touch. Positioning himself at the entrance of the younger boy who looked at him worriedly. "Don't worry, I promise it won't hurt," with that he pushed himself in, filling him all the way to the brim.

The pleasure overwhelmed both of them. "Harderr ahn Lavi," Allen had grabbed the older boy's broad shoulders as he had pushed himself deeper into him "Hnghh ah oh god." It was impossible for him to form a proper sentence, not with Lavi pushing in and out of him like a piston "Tight ah Allen you're so TIGHT!" Lavi groaned as he banged harder into the smaller boy.

Their sweaty bodies entangled with each other, panting lightly. Both glowing happily, lips lightly curved upwards. "Lavi, I think I might need help remembering later," Allen smiled, Lavi laughed as he kissed the exorcist with passion.

"I love you, Allen Walker."

Monday, March 19, 2012

Forgive Me, Aria [[Gamma X Yuni]] (PG13)

A/N: This short fic was inspired by my senpai Celestia :D
None of the KHR characters belong to me. Please don't steal. Thank you :D

He averted his gaze from the young girl whom he had known to be loyal to.

It was wrong.

He knew it was wrong yet he couldn't resist.

"Gamma," her dainty hands in his own rough ones, smooth fingers lacing with battleworn digits. Her gentle, soft voice echoed in his mind.

"Please, look at me," her voice barely a whisper as her hands tightened lightly, softly  squeezing his hands.

His dark brown eyes fell on her, her small fragile figure, soft supple skin with large pure blue eyes. He felt the need to hold her in his arms... he couldn't allow her to leave, he had already lost her once, he could not lose her again but this was wrong. Aria would not have wanted this.

"My princess, your mother wouldn't-"

He had stopped.

Her sky blue eyes were clouded with tears, threatening to fall.

"Do you not love me?"

"Forgive me," his warm hand cupped her face, the other still holding on to her own. "Forgive me," he whispered once more as he wiped her tears away and leaned down to kiss her forehead.

"I love you, my princess."


-Naito Ryuu-